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Is Chinese schoolgirl missing in the United States: of latest news family? Does noise lossen soil with a hoe sweep past ㄓ by Yi Ji?

Login register schoolgirl of China of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to be missing in the United States: of latest news family? Does noise lossen soil with a hoe sweep past ㄓ by: of origin of Yi Ji? ?  virtuous  bars  ?2017-06-18 17:4Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 6 Http:// channel

Southeast net United States on June 17 dispatch (white water of this reporter of net engage by special arrangement) local time on June 17, the Chinese visit learned man that loses couplet in the beauty is the father Zhang Ronggao of Zhang Ying glume, young the family such as aunt Xie Liqin and continuous heavy rain of male friendly Houxiao, arrive at Chicago International Airport smoothly at 10 o'clock in the morning. Be apart from Zhang Ying glume to break couplet right now already em木工模板最好的板pyreal.

Zun Qi: Xie Liqin of little one's mother's sister of Zhang Ronggao of father of Zhang Ying glume, Yu Peng's assistant consul general, Zhang Ying glume.

China is stationed in Yu Peng of assistant consul general of Chicago consulate general the member that a 3 people reach explore of American confederative FBI, media arrival that awaits family of Zhang Ying glume in the hall, after been send his respects to each other, run quickly toward school of cent of Illinois university champagne 宜森木业有限公司directly.

Through the car Cheng of two many 建筑用模板hours, reach champagne cent school, family of Zhang Y生产建筑模板厂家HFing glume 山东建筑模板公司is in square meeting of building of this officer administration and school. Always get a house to already arranged good translation for them, the volunteer also has been do批发建筑模板怎么样BFne recieve preparation. Xie Liqin presses the mood that is unable to bear sadness, cry loudly in public after reaching the school.

Robin Kaler of vice-president of public general affairs also checks this school of Zhang Ying glume be missing express sad, express Sorry to family! She says: We present first job is jade-like stone clever belt comes home, also need authority cooperate, the hope is confidential to investigating information.

John Wilkin of vice-president of administrative affairs of a school or college expresses, had been family of Zhang Ying glume to arrange comfortable housing, school the requirement that square meeting endeavors to satisfy them, after had found a place for, will schedule they and police meeting.

That day afternoon at 2 o'clock, the family of Zhang Ying glume always is getting house, school of square, volunteer accompany next heading for this officer officer alarm branch. Be as long as of two hours after shutting the door to chat, zhang Ronggao states the mood is very heavy, exhaustion of body and mind, do not be willing to face the reporter's camera lens temporarily. He is right in get house, school the help of square, volunteer and media thankses, right school alarm, Yi Zhou city alarm the many investigation work that does with FBl place thankses.

Xie Liqin is accepted when interviewing, express, thank everybody's help particularly, besides acknowledgment or acknowledgment, everything what express to believe what everybody does completely on behalf of family tries hard, they are certain jade-like stone clever meeting is restful come back.

Yu Peng expresses, always get a house to be in for a short while already with school square, police undertakes communication, had arranged person specially assigned for a task to be in charge of a butt joint handling relevant matters concerned at pres工地装木模板标准LPent. Believe the society just is thinkin工程模板价格g way each, the hope just cooperates police, school to investigate the work ju

st more each.

This network reporter considers family of Zhang Ying glume just went to the United States, on food not quite habit, special the side of peace and tranquility that has Fuzhou distinguishing feature was bought to give Zhang Ying clever family in Chicago Chinese quarter, at the same time also the implied meaning she can come back in safety at an early date.

Additional as we have learned, smooth fellow villager wil工程水利模板ANl be chairman Liao Qixian, standing south the United States vice-chairman Wu Guanchao will fly to Zhi city from new York afternoon that day, see the family of Zhang Ying glume.

Family of Zhang Ying glume reachs American Zhi city, in Yu Peng's assistant consul general accompany next walking out of the airport.

Outspread read: Chinese schoolgirl Zhang Ying clever be missing in the United States latest news: FDo 10 thousand dollars of BI 1 find clew China woman student is Zhang Ying glume missing in the United States: of

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