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Beautiful FBI official says the airport raids Flint alarm incident is terroristic behavior

San Francisco

of China News Service on J绿地模板WDune 21 electric FBI (FBI) official says 21 days, happened in Mixiegen in the morning that day the city nots incident of police of assault of International

Airport of Bi Xiaopu of Lin Te city is terroristic behavior, get hurt at present the circumstance stabilizes the police.

Flint is located in Mixiegen city northwest makes an appointment with city Detroit 66 miles (105 kilometers) place.

Chief of FBI Detroit branch wears Wei Jiliaosi to say on the press conference, assault incident happens in 21 days to be made an appointment w建筑多层模板公司ith in the morning 9 when 45 minutes. The

murderer is a Ca海子木业代理nadian citizen A of 50 years old Maer Futuxi (Amor Ftouhi) , he will enter the United States legally via new York city on June 16, arrive at Flint subsequently city.

Jiliaosi says, after Futuxi arrives at Bi Xiaopu International Airport 21 days morning, linger in preexistence closet, put down the pack that carry, pull out cutting tool walks out of closet, thorn to Er of the dimension inside · of airport police Jeff cervical.

Jiliaosi says, futuxi is blusterous sti山东省费县山德建筑模板厂ll " you in Syria, Iraq He Afu sweat commits murder, we can die " .

Director of city police station carries Flint Mosaic · writings brush abdicate says on the news briefing about, neiweier fights with Futpvc塑钢建筑模板规格及价格KLuxi from beginning to end, subdued a murderer inside a minute.

Police subs高唐县天奇木业有限公司equently interrogatory blessing graph hopes, show without evidence incident and someone else are concerned.

Jiliaosi says, this is isolated incident, won't to Flint com常用建筑模板及规格munity people causes menace. Check already just mentioned to its rough stuff accusation, launch investigation to incident with Canadian police combinatio衡水建筑模板公司n.

After incident happening, bi Xiaopu International Airport shuts scattered personnel for a time, numb鑫锐兴盛木业有限公司er is opened afresh after hour.

American ABC TV station reports, american land ins建筑模板支撑talls all spokesman to wear Wei Lapan 21 days to say, land safety ministry is developing in monitoring incident, did not issue the directive that need answers to the airport.

The report says, ministry of Canadian public safety also made a statement that day condemn this one incident, and to getting hurt police and family member and colleague express to express sympathy and solicitude for. Canadian respect will endeavor to cooperate the United States to launch investigation to this case. (Be over)

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