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Brand-new blackmail virus to erupt stage a come back: WWhat do AnnaCry and Petya have to differ

In report will occupy new network on June 28 outside intermediary report, 27 days, a kind when code name is ") of Ya建筑模板代理商 of the base of a fruit of "Petya" (" admire or ") of "GoldenEye"(" gold eye new blackmailed virus to assault the many countries such as Russia, Wukelan. Computer safety expert confirms, this one virus and on the "WannaCry"(" that the month erupts wants to cry ") blackmails virus likeness. (Brand-new blackmail virus to erupt: of latest news of stage a come back? Virus of laborious Shu Etya does how to reduce toxin)

Petya and WannaCry still have a the largest same part, the user that asks computer is toxic namely is passed pay bit money (the means of Bitcoin) obtains Jiesuo means, its blackmail mark for 300 dollars.

What is virus blackmailed to have to differ in two kinds when appear one after another inside two months?

Punchi建筑模板市场价格BGng bag

WannaCry virus will sweep across 150 many countries in May, its are specific the computer that atttacks an object to include multi

lateral college, company, national medical treatment of Engl临沂彬国建筑模板厂and serves systematic NHS to wait.

New the many countries of European that wait inside in Russia, England, Wukelan mix round Petya computer virus American grow like a weed. Organic field, bank and large company 菏泽市方木模板SGare reported to contract virus. At present the incidence of Petya still is inferior to the WannaCry before a month, but final result still remains to observe.

The basis publishs a r

eport, the specific target that suffers Petya to invade at present includes:

Pafuluoluoqinke of Vice Prime Minister Wu Kelan (Pavlo Rozenko) says, this country the computer network of the government sector appears dead machine, the establishment such as the distribution system of the Central Bank sufferred destroy.

Group of Ma Shiji of Hollande高层建筑专用模板r carry tycoon (A.P. Moller - Maersk) says to include los angeles commercial and transportation center inside establishment sufferred attack.

The ad with the oldest whole world transmits group WPP to said to be affected by this virus. A this company staff discloses, they are asked to shut computer, subsequently whole company building is immersed in hush.

Media company says a Wukelan, oneself computer system by black, the hacker asks to add money of close money bit to pay ability of 300 U.S. dollors to solve a lock to its thr鲁班模板SEough the electron. The hacker still leaves information to say, "Not wasteful time goes trying to restore a file. Only we can be offerred decode a service. Only we can be offerred decode a service..

Russia Central Bank says, oneself computer is affected. A company that pursues consumer credit must suspend serving for the client.

Russia Petroleum Company (the computer system that Rosneft Oil) weighs him is affected badly.

Ji Baili company (the factory of a cho咬合桩导墙模板出租colate that Cadbury) is located in Australia contracted virus 27 days because of comput工地模板尺寸一般是建发木业有限公司多少BFer temporary stop production.

Other claims publicly the company that oneself are atttacked by Petya virus and orgnaization still have, supplier of French housing materials holy dagger class (Saint-Gobain) , silent of American pharmacy company restrains a group (Merck Co Inc. ) , supplier of food of pet of a France, cosmetic manufacturer does obeisance to company of Er Si Daofu (Beiersdorf) , when clean of profit of company of things of family expenses cleanness (Reckitt Benckiser) , and the med

ical treatment system of a city of American.

Outspread read: Why is Japanese junior high school is born to blackmail virus to be arrested because of be suspected of making first Israel escape this country blackmail virus? All of sabbatical computer science department not department of defense of couplet net Russia: Because use Russia to produce software to blackmail virus to atttack invalid beat back to blackmail virus hero to this,show a body! He sa昊森板材公司ved user of 100 thousand computer to blackmail virus to appear new mutation 2 version stage a come back

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