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The United States: Cateran enters dining-room loot to send puberty of one man heart disease to die

In report will occupy new network on June 28 outside intermediary report, american police expresses, a dining-room has American Wisconsin济南泽浩木业 the worker stays up late when working, suddenly 2 men are entered ro工程建筑模板价格b, bring about puberty of this建筑模板价格 worker hear建筑模板的价格一览表BCt disease to d中建新型模板研AMie.

The report says, police expresses, cateran of 2 unconscious faces is in about before dawn 3 when enter dining room, 4 men drive tool to repair inside at that time. Police says, the safe inside dining-room of loot of a cateran, another person holds a gun hold sb under duress is all worker.

Police says, the time of cateran hold sb under dures

s is as long as a hour, this man heart disease of 56 years old sends meantime, but 56 years old of men that cateran does n

ot allow other worke胶印机平面模板的制作r to help this produce emergency suddenly, also do not let anybody call ask for help.

Police did not publish t建筑组合模板BOhe dead's full name, a

uthori新型剪力墙模板支撑KRties lab菏泽市郓城县建筑模板经营部els this mur高层模板FDder case to handle.

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